verb (used with object)

1. To remove or break a stigma attached to people or a place.  Term coined by the Dislabelled team.

Our Mission

Dislabelled is a social enterprise which seeks to reverse the notion that people with varying intellectual and physical challenges are unable to be a productive part of society. We hope to achieve this by reforming the special education system in Ghana. In the near future, the initiative will venture into disability-related policies in the field of employment, heath and legislature.

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Disable the Label Campaign:

Through our social media pages and the Dislabelled apparel, we hope to educate the public on disability-related issues and to remove the stigma attached to people who are differently abled. Our social media pages keep the public abreast of disability news in Ghana and bring to light the inadequacies of the Ghanaian social policies in ensuring that the social needs of people with disabilities are met.

The Dislabelled Apparel is the social enterprise of the organization. All proceeds are channeled to our projects. So far, the Apparel collection consists of our famous quirky button badges with catchy captions. These buttons generate funds for our projects and create awareness about the cause. We hope to expand the Apparel in the near future.