Dislabelled's interactions and research have revealed that one of the major problems in the special education institutions is the lack of funding for the schools and the inability for parents to afford the cost of special education. Owing to its nature, Special education requires extra attention and expertise from teachers and entails peculiar equipment and materials for effective pedagogy. These factors make it more expensive than mainstream education.

Dislabelled has identified students with disabilities who are performing very well at school, but may have to stay at home for the rest of their lives because their parents are unable to afford their education. Some of these students are enthusiastic about their studies and have made remarkable and significant progress since they started schooling. These and many other reasons have led us to launch the Dislabelled Scholarship fund to fund children with autism. The primary beneficiary of this fund will be the HopeSetters Autism Centre in Tema.

So many of these children are endowed with skills, talents and ideas that our country needs but are undeveloped because of a lack of money. Every child deserves the right and the opportunity to attend school and money should not be an impediment in achieving this. We look forward to your contribution.


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